As I was growing-up on a mid-western farm, I knew that I had an interest in boys more-so than for girls.  I dated in high school and some while in university, and never thought of myself as being "gay."

Nevertheless, before I got married, I begun experimenting with contact with other men, but still didn't think of myself as being "gay."

At 32 I got married and my attraction to men seemed to wane for several years.  After about four years I realized that something was missing from my life and it was the closeness of another man.  As I was exploring how to meet other gay men, while still being married, I discovered the existance of a support group named the "Gay Married Men's Association" (GAMMA).

Almost immediately, I called their Hotline and attended my first GAMMA meeting within a week.  Prior to learning about GAMMA, I thought I must be the only gay and married man.

However, attending GAMMA meetings and hearing other guys tell their stories helped me understand that I am not alone.  Attendance helped me develop the courage and "right words" to use in eventually telling my wife that I'm gay.

When I finally told my wife and later my children that I am gay, it wasn't easy, at all, but I do think I was better prepared and more confident because of GAMMA.  I'm so glad that GAMMA still exists with a mission to help other gay married men get though a most challenging period in their adult life.