GAMMA Saint Louis services the Missouri - Illinois Bi-State Region and the surrounding areas. In addition to this website, GAMMA has a presence on and which both provide an extension of GAMMA presence to the Community.  In both group environments, a member can post questions to other members and generally interact via the Internet.  Nevertheless, these groups do not fully replace the benefits derived from attending our monthly meetings whether in-person or via online video conferencing.

GAMMA -- SUPPORTS gay men in heterosexual marriages at every stage of their sexual self-recognition.  No matter whether you are separated, divorced, bisexual, openly gay, or more typically, married and closeted, you are welcome at GAMMA.

GAMMA -- PROVIDES confidential environments wherein issues surrounding straight spouses, children, the workplace, health, male relationships, gay culture, and coming-out can be explored in an understanding, affirming atmosphere.

GAMMA -- FACILITATES meetings with its own members. While not meant as a replacement for therapy, many find that the wide variety of experiences shared in the group setting are as helpful as individual counseling.

GAMMA -- ADVOCATES no political or social agenda and is not a coming-out group although many do so.  Each attendee is encouraged to find his own unique path.

GAMMA -- NETWORKS the member into a potential new group of friends.

GAMMA -- IS NOT a dating service.

GAMMA -- IS NOT a therapy group. 

GAMMA support is not influenced by a religious institution.