Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of GAMMA?

GAMMA -- supports gay men in heterosexual marriages at every stage of their sexual self-recognition.  No matter whether you are separated, divorced, bisexual, openly gay, or more typically, married and closeted, you are welcome at GAMMA.

I live in Illinois, may I attend Saint Louis GAMMA meetings?

Absolutely,  St. Louis GAMMA services the Missouri - Illinois Bi-State Region and their surrounding areas. In addition to this website,

Where will I find Saint Louis GAMMA on the Internet

In addition to this website, GAMMA has a Yahoo group which is an extension of GAMMA meetings.  In the Yahoo group environment, a member can post questions to other members and generally interact via the Internet.  Nevertheless, the Yahoo Group does not fully replace the benefits derived from attending our monthly meetings.  GAMMA also has an Internet presence on

I’m divorced now;  am I still welcome at GAMMA meetings?

GAMMA supports gay men no matter whether they are separated, divorced, bisexual, openly gay, or married and in-the-closet.

I’ve never been married, am I still welcome at GAMMA meetings?

Absolutely, you are welcome!  GAMMA meetings do not focus specifically on the married-gay theme.  We use videos a lot and then we talk about the relevant points of the video.  Our programs tend much more to helping men deal with being gay and shedding the self-loathing and shame that often comes with living in a society/family environment in which positive role models are few or non-existent.

I am concerned that what I may say at a GAMMA meeting will be gossiped around the community?

GAMMA provides a confidential environments wherein issues surrounding straight spouses, children, the workplace, health, male relationships, gay culture, and coming-out can be explored in an understanding, affirming atmosphere.

If I attend GAMMA meetings, will they replace my professional therapy sessions?

GAMMA is not a therapy group and thus does not replacement professionally lead therapy sessions.  However, many find that the wide variety of experiences shared in the group setting are as helpful as individual counselling.

Will GAMMA members press me to ‘come out?

GAMMA advocates no political or social agenda and is not a coming-out group, although many do so.  Each attendee is encouraged to find his own unique path.

What else can GAMMA do for me?

GAMMA networks the member into a potential new group of friends who can empathize with your experiences.

I am looking for a new boyfriend and ultimately a long-term partner.   

GAMMA is not a dating service.  However,  some members of GAMMA have developed strong bonds and know that they can depend on their GAMMA friends to help in times of turmoil or difficulty in their life.