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gay-clipartThe Gay Married Men's Association

We are a peer support group for men who identify themselves as gay, bisexual, or otherwise attracted to men and are now or have been in a relationship with a woman, are contemplating a relationship, or have related questions or problems.

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Second Presbyterian Church

The Gay Married Men's Association meets monthly on the second and fourth Thursday evenings at the Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri.  The church is located at 4501 Westminister Place in the Central West End.

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Coming Out
This "Coming Out" section courtesy Tom F., a member of   Washington D. C. GAMMA
Coming out was the most difficult and challenging experience of my life. It was also the most necessary and most rewarding, because it enabled me to become an honest, whole, open human being, comfortable with myself and with others.

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Talking to your wife

This "Talking to your wife" section courtesy  Washington D. C. GAMMA
The following is quoted from When Husbands Come Out of the Closet by Jean Schaar Gochros (Harrington Park Press, 1989).

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Talking  to  your  children

"Talking to your children" is taken from an open letter from one gay father to other gay fathers.  This article is courtesy of the  Washington D. C. GAMMA  website.
The first thing is this: It is IMPORTANT to level with your kids, no matter what their age.

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